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Social media marketing is no longer an option but a necessity for any brand or marketer who wants to succeed. Every business that has an online presence needs to have a social media presence as well. After all, you need to connect with consumers where they spend most of their time.

However, it is not that easy to manage multiple social media accounts at once and regularly post fresh content on each. For that, you need help. And, social media tools do just that—help you manage your social media accounts and content with ease.

Here is a list of 3 of the most useful social media tools that you need to succeed in social media marketing.


1. Crowdfire

This is a great end-to-end social media management tool. This allows you to search for relevant content for your brand, based on your areas of interest. And, it also lets you create social media posts and share this content on various social media platforms.

This also has a content scheduling tool that you can use to plan your publishing schedule ahead of time. It automatically posts content at preset times and platforms. 

And, the best part is that it can tailor your posts for each platform, so, you don’t have to create separate posts for each platform. It also has a Chrome extension that lets you quickly find and share content on social media.


2. Iconosquare

This is a useful social media analytics tool for Instagram and Facebook. You can get detailed reports on your Instagram and Facebook accounts’ performance. It also allows you to analyse which content performed well and which didn’t. 

And, you can link multiple profiles to the same dashboard, so you if you have more than one brand profiles, you can manage them all from a single platform.

The best part is that you can measure your performance and benchmark it against other industry players. So, you will know exactly where you stand in your niche.



This social media tool is unlike any other on this list and takes social media content posting to another level. It connects your devices and apps to make them work together. So, if you post a picture on one platform, it can be shared on all other platforms that you are present on.

IFTTT literally means, “if this, then that.” It lets you create scripts called applets that help you perform a fixed action if another action is taken. For example, if you post on Facebook, it can automatically post the same on Twitter as well. Or, if you publish a new blog, it can send a tweet about it. You can create multiple such applets to trigger an action based on another action and integrate your social media platforms.



These are some of the best social media tools that you can use to ace your social media marketing. Use these tools to effectively manage all your social media accounts and content.